Howdy! I’m a Brooklyn based art & communications director with a background in Progressive causes, health care, and financial marketing. Also, I have a dog.


I’ve been fortunate to spend the bulk of my professional design practice working on issues and campaigns for positive social change and I specialize in designing and delivering vertically integrated marketing and branding campaigns, from concept to completion, utilizing traditional print, web, and social media strategies. I’ve done everything from logos, brandmarks, and taglines, to large-scale subway, bus, and other outdoor advertising.


In my various professional and employed roles, I have written hundreds of press releases and speeches for national organizations and their leaders. I’ve conducted media outreach at national, state, and local levels, developing relationships with reporters as needed for various communications campaigns and crises. I’ve ghostwritten op-eds and letters to the editor in a variety of publications. I’ve been responsible for drafting internal company newsletters, intranet articles, and other internal communications.


I have a bachelor of arts from the University of Washington in Communications, focusing on graphic/web design and public relations, as well as a double major in the Humanities.


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